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Recent Government Guidelines on Data Breach / Cyber Security


Various federal agencies have been busy this Winter-Spring 2015 issuing various guidelines regarding data breach and cyber security: DOJ Best Practices for Victim Response and Reporting of Cyber Incidents (April 2015) – drafted “with smaller, less well-resourced organizations in mind…” Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (April 2015) – for medical professionals, a… Read More

Lawyers’ Ethical Duties Re Internet Scams


The Association of the Bar of the City of New York has issued Opinion 2015-3 regarding, “Lawyers Who Fall Victim to Internet Scams.” The Opinion addresses the following: – If you get an email solicitation that appears to be fake, “the best approach is to ignore such solicitations altogether.”  A lawyer has no ethical duty… Read More

Was There a Numbers Station in Palm Beach?


        Was There a Numbers Station in Palm Beach County? [PDF of June 2015 Palm Beach Bar article is here] In the past two years, we have been increasingly exposed to the “cool” side of math: cryptography and encryption.  Algorithms were not something you likely learned in school but most of us… Read More

PDFZilla for Lawyers


I have written a few articles on iPhone/iPad apps for business people, lawyers, and mediators but it has been a while since I’ve recommended PC software (“Clean Your PC in 30 Minutes” from 2011). PDFZilla is worthy of a review and recommendation.  There’s a free trial version — and there’s a 20% deal going on… Read More

Florida Second DCA: Case


Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal recently ruled in Melissa Leach v. Tara Michelle Kersey that, under case-specific facts, sending messages, Facebook friending, and posting about another person on She’s A were not “cyberstalking” under Florida Statute 784.0485. Under the cyberstalking statute, there must be at least two incidents of willful, malicious cyberstalking before… Read More

Christopher Hopkins Discusses “Bitcoin Litigation” at Atlanta Bitcoin Consumer Fair

btc lit

Thanks to the Atlanta Bitcoin Consumer Fair for inviting me to speak about Bitcoin Litigation this Saturday. We discussed five pending bitcoin-related lawsuits including suits involving (1) mining hardware sellers, (2) mining companies, (3) exchanges, and (4) a suit over ownership of coins. More importantly, we discussed ways to avoid litigation AND what documents your company needs… Read More

Understanding the Fight Over .Sucks Domains


You may be aware that a new global top level domain (gTLD) called .sucks will be available.  Like .COM or .ORG, companies and individuals will be able to register sites ending with .SUCKS. The distribution of theses .SUCKS domain is controlled by Vox Populi Registry, Inc., which won the rights in November 2014. Vox turned… Read More

Storm v Paytime — Data Breach Case


According to Judge John E. Jones, III, “[t]here are only two types of companies left in the United States… ‘those that have been hacked and those that don’t know they’ve been hacked.’” Citing the now infamous USAToday article statistic that 43% of companies have experienced a data breach, the US District Court for the Middle… Read More

Christopher Hopkins Appears As Counsel for Medical Cannabis Trade Association of Florida, LLC


We previously posted regarding the three petitions challenging the Florida Department of Health’s Rule 64-4 (here). Christopher Hopkins filed his notice of appearance as counsel (here) for the Medical Cannabis Trade Association of Florida (MCTAF) in its rule challenge matter. MCTAF’s petition is here.  See the News Service of Florida story (here). Mr. Hopkins (bio) is joined… Read More

Florida Bar Webinar: Apps for Florida Lawyers


Thanks to the several hundred attendees who viewed the live Florida Bar webinar, Apps for Florida Lawyers! The Bar will provide 1.0 hour of CLE credit. Learn more than 50 iPhone and iPad apps as well as a lengthy discussion regarding how to use an iPad during a deposition, how to sign documents on an… Read More