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Was There a Numbers Station in Palm Beach?


        Was There a Numbers Station in Palm Beach County? [PDF of June 2015 Palm Beach Bar article is here] In the past two years, we have been increasingly exposed to the “cool” side of math: cryptography and encryption.  Algorithms were not something you likely learned in school but most of us… Read More

No Email Friday?

Thanks to the Palm Beach Bar Bulletin for running the article, No Email Friday? Find yourself checking emails endlessly?  Being pinged by your cellphone, laptop, and PC?  Checking your iPhone at night or Blackberry in the a.m.?  Yes, that’s you. Take this advice from a busy lawyer (who loves tech).  Set it aside and use… Read More

Will Twitter Ruin Your Legal Writing?

Concerned that all your texting and abbreviated communications on Twitter will poison your brilliant legal voice?  Might want to consider how out-dated expressions have a greater effect. Thanks to the Palm Beach County Bar Association which published this article in their September 2010 bulletin. Hit the link for the article, Will Twitter Ruin Your Legal… Read More

Facebook Settings, Part II of…

The increasingly long history of Facebook and privacy settings continues as users want an easy way to limit access to information on a system designed to exchange information (in fact, the reason it is free, after all, is because you pay with access to your information).  New changes are reportedly afoot (again). Facebook is good… Read More