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Technology and iOS Apps for Mediators

Thanks to the Florida Dispute Resolution Center for inviting me to speak at the 22nd Annual Conference this year in Orlando.N

The materials from the presentation are here.

The Adobe Voice presentation about mediation is here.

iPhone / iPad Apps for Mediators

I will be presenting “iPad and iPhone Apps for Mediators” on Friday, August 9, 2013 at the Florida Dispute Resolution 21st Annual Conference for ADR Professionals.florida-county-map

Thanks to those who attend!

I am providing a PDF copy of the Powerpoint which includes:

1.  Tech Recommendations for Mediators and Their Offices

2.  What Techs are Lawyers Using?

3.  25+ Apps for Mediators

Mandated E-Service for Florida Civil Filings as of September 1, 2012

The Florida Supreme Court has required e-service in Florida Civil cases by September 1.  The change-of-date order is here.  The underlying order is here.

Confused?  Here’s sources of information so you can prepare your firm over the next month.

The Florida Bar News had these relevant articles:  “Court Sets E-filing, E-Service Deadlines,” “The Changing World of Electronic Courts,”  and “Commonly Asked E-Filing Questions.”

The Palm Beach Bar issued this e-Newsletter on the topic.

The Florida Courts E-Filing Portal is here.

The Florida Courts’ Technology Page has some FAQs and other info here.

For information specific to your county / circuit, considering googling “e-filing [your county/circuit” or visiting the court’s page.

Better still, try YouTube for a visual tutorial.  The Florida Clerks have their own channel and overview video.  A YouTube search will likely reveal others’ advice.

Our friends at The Florida Legal Blog even came up with an online email template, here.

Finally, here’s a powerpoint developed by the Florida Bar entitled, “Service by Email and Efiling.”