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After about six years and several hundred posts, I’ve decided to use as my primary blog and website. I am going to leave this site active. But the new content will be at At the new site, I’ll broaden the topics we discuss and, at least immediately, post more frequently. Please add to your… Read More

How Florida Lawyers Use Technology


In January 2015, the Florida Bar released its “Results of the 2014 Economics and Law Office Management Survey,” which you can find here. The Bar article covers the primary study results however there are far more interesting tech-specific data about lawyers and their use of technology. Some of the interesting, if not unusual, highlights about… Read More

Your Law Firm Blog is Terrible


Some of the worst legal writing is found… on the internet.  Yes, when there is an opportunity to market, explain a new legal development, or explain the latest law firm news, lawyers take to their firm blogs and write some of their worst material.  We understand.  Billable hours are draining.  You write all day.  Maybe… Read More

FAA Is Considering New Rules Re: Use of Devices During Take-Off, Landing


The FAA is seeking comments about its current policy which airlines follow regarding passenger use of personal electronic devices.  Yes, that list that flight attendants rattle off (which surprisingly still includes “iPods” and “Gameboys”).  So apparently it is time for review and comment. The FAA’s call for comments is in this several page memo. Some… Read More