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Christopher Hopkins Appears As Counsel for Medical Cannabis Trade Association of Florida, LLC


We previously posted regarding the three petitions challenging the Florida Department of Health’s Rule 64-4 (here). Christopher Hopkins filed his notice of appearance as counsel (here) for the Medical Cannabis Trade Association of Florida (MCTAF) in its rule challenge matter. MCTAF’s petition is here.  See the News Service of Florida story (here). Mr. Hopkins (bio) is joined… Read More

Florida Lawyer’s Guide to Marijuana Laws


Floridians will vote this November on Amendment 2, relating to Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions.   Just this past June, Governor Scott signed the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act into law. How does the interplay between state and federal drug laws work? This article (here) from the October 2014 Palm Beach Bar Bulletin will… Read More

Can a Florida Lawyer Advise a Client About Medical Marijuana?

  This November, Florida voters will consider whether to legalize medical marijuana.  If so, Florida would join several states which have allowed recreational and/or medical cannabis cultivation, distribution, and use. But it remains illegal under federal law.  Can lawyers advise their clients about a marijuana business which is legal under state law but barred by… Read More

Getting to Know Florida Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Laws


A Google Trend report shows that “Florida Medical Marijuana” has generated massive attention since 2013.   I attended a recent Florida Cannabis Coalition meeting and, while the speakers were good, the attendees seemed uneducated (case in point, people literally got up and left when they heard about the $150,000 application fee and $5 millon bond).… Read More