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Conflicting Court Opinions on NSA Surveillance


One year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued the case of Amnesty International v. Clapper and… few people cared. After all, “Clapper I,” as it became known, held that political activists had no standing to even discover if the government was spying on them. But four months later, the floodgates opened with the Snowden disclosures… Read More

Government GPS Tracking Since U.S. v. Jones

The Supreme Court’s 2012 decision in U.S. v. Jones involving GPS tracking is trending towards being a landmark decision in how the Court interprets the Fourth Amendment in technology cases.   But what has happened to GPS tracking since the Jones decision? This February 2014 article from the Palm Beach Bar Bulletin explains three cases… Read More

No Social Media Privacy for Alleged Colorado Theater Shooter


Defendant James Eagan Holmes, the alleged Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooter, sought to suppress records obtained from two “dating” sites, and (to be clear, the former is for “sex and swinger personals”). apparently broke the story that Holmes, using the alias “classicjimbo,” had a picture of himself with red hair and a… Read More