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Mandated E-Service for Florida Civil Filings as of September 1, 2012


The Florida Supreme Court has required e-service in Florida Civil cases by September 1.  The change-of-date order is here.  The underlying order is here. Confused?  Here’s sources of information so you can prepare your firm over the next month. The Florida Bar News had these relevant articles:  “Court Sets E-filing, E-Service Deadlines,” “The Changing World… Read More

Can a Law Firm Operate ONLY in the Cloud?

Can a lawyer operate a pure internet-only “virtual law firm” where counsel never speaks or meets with the client face-to-face? The California State Bar recently issued opinion 2012-184 saying that virtual law offices (“VLO’s”) are acceptable with some considerations. The hypothetical setting is that clients would sign up for transactional, probate, and family law assistance… Read More

Lawyers in the Cloud


Considering using “cloud” storage for your law firm?  Or do you already use services like DropBox and GoogleDrive to transmit large attachments via email links?  Increasingly, lawyers like everyone else are moving towards the cloud.  Is it safe? What do you need to know before you commit?  If you already have a cloud service, what… Read More

First Amendment / Defamation Case Discusses “Religious Internet Filtration Software”


The case of Darrel Bilbrey v. David Myers and First Pentecostal, Etc. from Florida’s Fifth DCA may be a significant case as to the “church autonomy doctrine” but also yielded a reference to an interesting internet tool:  faith-based internet monitoring. Here’s how this came up in a court opinion: the Bilbrey case involves two church… Read More