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Internet Safety for Parents and Students / Children

While much of the focus on Internet safety is on our children, a lot of what they learn may come from the habits of their parents.  I had the pleasure to speak to a group of parents, and then a group of 7th and 8th grade students, at Rosarian Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida about Child (Student) Internet Safety.

In the discussion with the parents, we emphasized what parents could do to ensure that the home was a safe computer environment and how to speak with their children about privacy, security settings, and good Internet habits.  During the student presentation, we discussed six good Internet habits, Facebook Security, and Xbox Live Security.

Another section covered with both groups is the risk that online downloading, photo sharing, and other activities can potentially lead to civil and criminal penalties.

An Adobe PDF version of the parent presentation is here.  The student version is here.

Will Your Law Firm Accept Bitcoin?

The concept of bitcoin, a virtual online currency, has been in the news in 2011.  The good news is that it has been somewhat stable, received media attention, and survived an attempted hack (arguably better than major corporations and some nations).  The bad news is that it remains a shadow-currency with no backing and some inherent risk.  But there are a handful of firms reportedly accepting bitcoin.  Will you?

Read the September 2011 article, “Will Your Law Firm Accept Bitcoin?” from the Palm Beach Bar Bulletin.

The debate continues in the New York Times and other places

Using iPhone Location Data in Discovery

Remember the “news” that our smartphones are tracking user locations and storing them in files on the phone?  

This article discusses how the iPhone accumulates and stores location data — and how it can be obtained by lawyers in civil cases.

Originally published in the Trial Advocate Quarterly, Volume 30, Number 3, Summer 2011.  Download Using iPhone Location Data in Discovery.

(Intermediate) Facebook for Lawyers & Law Firms: Ethics, Jury Selection, Marketing, Fan Pages

In 2011, the Palm Beach Bar Association hosted “Intermediate Facebook for Lawyers & Law Firms,” a seminar regarding Facebook:

1.  Current legal ethics issues;

2.  How to use Facebook and social media for jury selection;

3.  Facebook marketing for lawyers; and

4.  How to set up a Facebook fan page for your firm.

In case you missed it, the powerpoint is here.