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What is Your Child Doing on The Internet?

Don’t allow the hype — or the technology — scare you from understanding what your child is doing on the internet.  Be a great parent in the real world and online!  Learn the techniques to avoid the risks, draw (and enforce) boundaries, and serve as a role model for your child.  In fact, some of these guidelines might apply to you!

Special thanks to Rosarian Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida for the invitation to speak to parents.

The powerpoint can be viewed/downloaded here or follow the link under Materials (on right column on this site).

What Do The Lawyer Rating Internet Sites Say About You?

U.S. News and World Reports recently issued their ranking of law firms (interestingly not in a straight list form, like the school rankings, but broken into sections).  Other sites, ranging from Avvo to Craigslist to also include rankings.  Are these useful for clients?  What do they say about lawyers?  Take a look at this month’s law technology article from the Palm Beach Bar Association September 2010 Bulletin, “What Do Internet Rating Sites Say About You?”  Hit the link or look to the right under articles for “2010 Lawyer Rankings.”